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Combi machine

Combi 800TGE is a versatile and powerful multi-machine, that can be used with many different kinds of appliances to carry out many different kinds of tasks.
Art no.: 90068062

Art no.: 90068063

To be mounted on 80 cm sweeper.
Art no.: 93300200100

80 cm snow blade for removing ice and more compacted snow. The blade can be tipped right, forward and left and it's design forces snow and ice out to the side. The scraper blade is hinged with springs, which in extreme cases allows the blade to give, which minimises the risk of deformations.
Art no.: 90068078

Art no.: 90068086

Strong and efficient sweeper with 80 cm sweeping width and 45 cm diameter for clearing snow, leaves, twigs and gravel on pavements, parking areas, driveways, construction sites, etc.
Art no.: 90068076

Art no.: 90068065

Art no.: 90068088

Art no.: 90042508

Art no.: 90068075

Strong 2-stage snow thrower for clearing large volumes of snow. With a working width of 61 cm and 2-stage centrifugal system, this appliance can really clear snow.
Art no.: 90068077