El-Tex 1800

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Art no : 90061161
EAN : 5714829081816
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Productdescription El-Tex 1800

Electric garden cultivator with a powerful 1800 watt electric motor, which makes it suitable for cultivating small areas of land, including soil beds and herb gardens.

El-Tex 1800 is more quiet compared to a petrol garden cultivator. It is with its working width of 28-40-60 cm ideal for the smaller kitchen gardens or flower beds.
(the inner blades can be removed so that the working width goes from 60 to 40 cm, or you can drive with the inner blade only to get down to a working width of 28 cm).

The machine has 1 forward gear and has no reverse gear. The low weight of 29.5 kg makes it easy to maneuver and easy to pull up if it has digged itself down into the soil.

This cultivator is extremely user-friendly with its low weight, as well as simple design and at the same time requires minimal maintenance. This makes it suitable for young as well as older users.

The dpeth skid and support wheels are combined in one unit, and are turned depending on whether you are cultivating or transporting the machine.
With rear support wheels, it is easy to tip the handlebars down and roll the machine around, and the 2 wheels provide good stability.

El-Tex 1800 can be equipped with various accessories (sold separately):
- Wheels
- Lawn raker
- Rake
- Hoe iron
- Ridger


Power : 1800 watt
Engine type : Electric 230V
Noise level : 93 dB
Starter : Electric
Working depth : 26 cm
Speed of knife : 125 rev./min.
Working width : 28-60 cm
Handle bar : Firm
Knife : Metal
Separated knives : Yes
Rearward gears : 0
Forward gears : 1
Level of vibration right handle : 7,4
Transport wheel : Yes
Weight : 31 kg
Box width : 58 cm
Box length : 42 cm
Box height : 59 cm