Sweeper MS950

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Art no : 90067066
EAN : 5714829115306
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Productdescription Sweeper MS950

Hand Sweeper with collector box. Working width 95 cm. Considering incredibly little and is easy to push. The sweeper is equipped with adjustable handle.

MS950 is a hand sweeper with integrated collector box of impact resistant plastic and central adjustment of brush pressure in the front.

The machine is not motorized, with handlebars and weighs extremely little, making it easy to push and pleasant to work with. Additionally MS950 sweeper equipped with extra large rear wheels and front wheels, making sweeper extremely easy to move around for any user.

MS950 has a high quality polyester filter to catch dust even better and it is capable of sweeping even bigger pieces of debris/objects than model MS550/MS920.

The sweeper can be used outdoors, for example. sidewalks and patios, where it sweeps both gravel, stones, leaves and small branches up.
But it is also very effective inside the workshop, the garage, and especially in times and warehouses where the large working width makes the work faster than finished example. with industrial vacuum cleaner.


Working width : 95 cm
Number of high adjustments : Stepless variable
Handle bar : Adjustable
Big air pressured rubber wheels : Plastik
Collecting box : 45 litre
Weight : 25 kg
Box width : 80 cm
Box length : 39 cm
Box height : 88 cm