Centrifuge spreader CS6000S

Productdescription Centrifuge spreader CS6000S

CS6000S is particularly suitable for fertilizers, salting, seeding work that requires precision.

With a strong aluminum gear and the smart deflector screens, it is possible to adapt your spread with this machine. Eg. by fertilizers of lawn. The spreader is made of stainless steel which limits corrosion.

With a user-friendly grip that depending on the speed, adjust the dosage amount and the 12 "wheels and a 58L tank, ensure you you an easy and behaglig workflow.

Delivered unassembled with detailed assembly instructions.
Rain cover / protective cover included.

Manual Reservedele
Manual Spare parts


Adjustable dosing : Yes
Max. spreading area : 3
Work height : 85
Capacity : 58
Big air pressured rubber wheels : Inflatable rubber tyres
Wheel size : 4.10/3.50-6
Tire type : Hjul m/slange
Machine width : 65
Weight : 12,7
Box width : 72
Box length : 59
Box height : 43