Centrifuge spreader CS3600


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Productdescription Centrifuge spreader CS3600

Salt Spreader / Fertiliser / Seeder.
The CS3600 centrifugal spreader has a wide working width.

The spreader is a multifunctional machine that can be used all year round. The container has a capacity of 36L, making it suitable for working on larger surfaces.

The CS3600 is equipped with an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to adjust the spread. The machine is the ideal tool for salting in winter or seeding in spring.

Comes unassembled with detailed assembly instructions.
Raincoat / protective cover included.

Manual Reservedele
Manual Spareparts


Adjustable dosing : Yes
Max. spreading area : 2 m
Work height : 82 cm
Capacity : 36 litre
Big air pressured rubber wheels : Inflatable rubber tyres
Tire type : Hjul med slange
Shield colour : Yellow
Machine width : 48 cm
Weight : 9,7 kg
Box width : 63 cm
Box length : 43 cm
Box height : 33 cm