Lawn edger EC2600


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Productdescription Lawn edger EC2600

Nice and even edges in your lawn!

You dont have to use the troublesome way with a spade anymore. Without any problems you can make the perfect edge by the means of the gasoline run Texas lawn edger. And extra protection ensures that you can work along eg. a tile edge.
The lawn edger is equipped with a powerful 26 cc, whereby you aboid the long extension cords.

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Power : watt
Engine type : 2 stroke
CC : 26 cc
Tank capacity : 0,7 litre
Starter : Recoil
Gasoline/diesel : Olieblandet ben
Lenght of knife : 18 cm
Adjustable dosing : Yes
Speed of knife : 2200 rev./min.
Working depth : 10-20-30 mm
Handle : Telescope
Height ajustment : Central
Knife : Metal
Level of vibration : 10,2
LWA guaranteed : 119
Handle : Adjustable
Weight : 7,0 kg


Art no. 90406520

Art no. 90406521

Art no. 40-11291