Combi 800TGE w/snow thrower

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EAN : 5708906754281
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Productdescription Combi 800TGE w/snow thrower

Combi 800TGE is a versatile and powerful multi-machine mounted with strong 2-stage snow thrower for clearing large volumes of snow. Working width is 61 cm.

The centrifuge operates at 130 rpm. And the serrated blade means the appliance has a very high capacity. The adjustable control panel allows the operator to regulate the ejector's direction and height and can be operated directly from the operating position.

Danish development and design
The machine is designed by Texas' own Danish design department. Utilising over 50 years of experience in the industry, we have designed a machine that is user-friendly, reliable and which transfers the maximum power to the appliances.

The appliances can be attached and detached in less than 10 seconds without the use of any tool.

The following appliances are available in winter 2013:

Sweeper with 80 cm working width, swivelling adapter and height-adjustable transport wheels.
Snow scraper with 80 cm working width, swivelling adapter and spring-controlled scraping blade.
Slow blower with 61 cm working width, 2-stage ejector system and control panel to control ejector direction (can be operated while moving)

Texas is currently designing 3-4 new appliances for grass, soil and cleaning, which are expected to be launched in the market in 2014.

Combi 800 is the ideal appliance for private and professional users. Today it is used by many users working in municipalities, parks and road departments, developers, small trades companies, churchyards, stores, parking areas, taxi stations, agriculture and private home-owners.

Texas provides a 3-year warranty on the Combi 800!

Combi 800TGE user benefits
Engine and shaft are positioned just above the wheel centre, which provides the best balance in the machine. This makes it easier to manoeuvre with the appliances, for example when kerbs or other obstacles must be negotiated.

Danish high-quality gear components
Vital gear components are manufactured by leading component suppliers in Denmark, which means long lifetimes and reliability.

Powerline TG720ES
Texas 4-stroke 212 cc petrol engine. This is a very powerful and reliable engine. It has an attractive and compact design. The engine is classed "TGE" and is equipped with a 230 V electrical starter.

Fast connection
The specially designed fast connection means appliances can be changed in a split second. The coupling adapter is made from reinforced nylon, which provides the maximum strength and minimal noise and vibration when operating.

4 forward gears, 1 reverse gear
With four gear speeds, work can be carried out optimally using a snow blower or sweeper, which require their own tempo. A fourth gear provides transport speed over 5 km/t. Forward gear speeds: 1.53-2.97-4.14-5.86 km/t. Reverse gear speed: 2.31 km/t.

New safety coupling handle
Texas' own designed coupling handle is CE approved and ensures the machine is not unintentionally coupled. This is particularly important to professional users. The handles are thoroughly tested in temperatures from -30 to + 30 degrees centigrade.

Extra function
The engine can be started using a 230 V electrical cable and one push of the start button. This avoids the problem of manually starting the machine in cold winter conditions.

Snow tyres with strong surface traction
The specially designed snow tyres provide the optimum grip in icy conditions, so the machine does not lose power when operating a snow blower, etc.

Supporting leg
The machine has a cleverly designed stabiliser that holds the machine in a standing position when the appliance is being removed.


Engine : Texas
Engine model : TG720ES
CC : 212 cc
Tank capacity : 3,6 litre
Power : 4,2kW v. 3600 rev./min.
Noise level : 92 dB
Starter : Electric/recoil start
Oil : SAE 30
Gasoline/diesel : Gasoline
Engine oil : 0,6 litre
Working width : 61 cm
Work height : 50 cm
Speed : 1,53-2,97-4,14-5,86 km/hr
Rearward gears : 1
Forward gears : 4
Gear system : Plade gear
Big air pressured rubber wheels : Inflatable rubber tyres
Wheel size : 16''