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Productdescription Oil changing kit

Oil change with this set is an easy and quick way to change the oil on and you do not dirty fingers.

Olieskiftesæt containing:
- 100 ml syringe with tubing
- Funnel
- Bag with screw caps for waste oil

You should change the oil in his engine once a year. If the engine is brand new, it is recommended to change the oil first after only 5 hours of use, to clean the engine of any impurities and may ultimately extend engine life.
Within the oil must be sucked out, it may be advantageous to run the engine slightly so that the oil gets hot. This oil becomes thinner and more smoothly.

Oil-change kit can be used for most small 4-stroke engines such as lawn mower, rotary cultivator, lawn tractors. The hose can possibly. shortened to suit a particular oil.

The bag containing the used oil must be delivered to an approved recycling center.

You may want. save the empty oil container for the used oil next time you change the oil.


Box width : 11 cm
Box length : 10 cm
Box height : 25 cm


Art no. 80016070

Art no. 90306506