Texas is prepared for a tough winter

If it is up to Texas, it can start snowing now. For the coming winter they introduce the Snow King series, which is a new line of snow throwers. In the development of the snow throwers the focus has been on user friendliness, functionality and reliability.

The Snow King series consists of a wide range of models, which apply to the home owner, who needs to clear snow at a large pavement or parking area and in particular to the professional user such as housing associations and municipalities.

Focus on user friendliness
The snow throwers are equipped with several details and are extremely easy to operate: “We wanted to make snow throwers with optimal user comfort. Our two largest models have for example 230V electric start, heated handless, front light and a control panel on the handle, where the user among others can adjust the angle of the snow discharge chute”, says Lasse Nilsson, sales director at Texas. Furthermore the clutch handle is constructed so it can easily be operated with large gloves on. In addition certain models offer differential lock, which can be operated directly from the user position – a great advantage on icy roads!

Focus on functionality and quality
The Snow King series is equipped with large snow tyres, which ensures the snow thrower to be solidly grounded during operation. Furthermore Texas has made sure to adjust the balance of weight so that the snow thrower is mobile and easy to manoeuvre during work.

Texas is a Danish company with more than 50 years experience in the garden and park sector. All products from Texas are produced with special focus on operational reliability, user-friendliness and design, and the majority of the product range is developed in Denmark. The company guaranties a professional after sales service with more than 40.000 spare parts available on day-to-day basis and detailed manuals available online at www.texas-garden.com. Besides a nationwide dealer network in Denmark, Texas exports to more than 30 countries.