Smart Combi 100 5-in-1

Productdescription Smart Combi 100 5-in-1

The motto is Value for Money - go ahead - one electrically powered multi machine with the same performance as a gasoline engine. One machine grass trimmer, brush cutter, chain saw, hedge trimmer at once, combined with an extension shaft (5 tools),

Angle adjustable hedgetrimmer 90 - 45 grader

There are taken into account ergonomic design and when Smart Combi 100 is electric poweredm you avoid excessive vibrations and the maintenance is kept at a minimum. Moreover, with a weight of 2.5 kg (excl. accessories), the machine is more than half as easy as like gasoline powered machines. And of course, the sound level is more comfortable.

It includes of course a simple harness and an extension shaft so you can reach out up to 2.7 m.

Nylon spool 36 cm, 3-toothed blade 23 cm, chain saw 25 cm, hedge trimmer 41 cm and extension shaft 55 cm.

Manual Reservedele
Manual Spareparts


Power : 900 watt
Engine type : Electric 230V
Starter : Electric
: 41 cm
Blade (no of teeth) : 3 tooth
Cutting width (blade) : 23 cm
Trimmer head : Tap'n Go
Cutting width (line) : 36 cm
Bar : Oregon
Length of saw bar : 25 cm
Chain oil : 0,60 litre
Handle : Straight
Cutting width : 2 cm
Harness type : Carrying harness
: 106
Handle : D-Handle
Weight : 2,5 kg


Art no. 5016-00

Art no. 90051004

Art no. 5603-250