Razor 4200Li (40V Lithium)

Productdescription Razor 4200Li (40V Lithium)

Battery lawn mower based on the TEXAS-developed 40V platform, which also include Trimmer, hedge trimmer and chain saw.

This battery-powered lawn mower gives you an environmentally friendly machine, without exhaust gases and with a lower noise and vibration level. At the same time, you avoid the maintenance of a petrol engine. Charge the battery from time to time, which take 75 minutes with the included charger.

The model is delivered with 1 x 40V battery (2.5 Ah), but with possibility for an extra battery in the motor unit, which can be added if additional capacity is nedded. Battery with a capacity of 4.0 Ah is avialble for this machine as well, but is optional.

Capasity per charge is around 300 m2 * with the 2.5 Ah battery.
* Driving speed, grass length and cutting height can also affect capasity.
Razor 4200Li has 3i1 function (Mulching, rear discharge and collecting) and a 45 liter collector box which effectively collects the grass.
Razor 4200Li is easy to start by pushing the button and activating the starter.
The mower weighs less than a similar petrol model and is therefore easier to maneuver around the garden.
Security is provided with a special key that prevents unauthorized persons from starting the machine

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Manual Spare parts


Engine type : Electric battery
Voltage : 40
Power : 3100
Noise level : 96
Starter : Electric
Mulching : Yes
Handle bar : Firm
Cutting height : 28-75
Cutting width : 42
Rear discharge : Yes
Height ajustment : Central
Knife : Metal
Shield material : Steel
Number of high adjustments : 6
Wheel size front : 6''
Wheel size rear : 7''
Battery type : Lithium battery
Power : 2,5
Collecting box : 45
Weight : 21
Box width : 73
Box length : 52
Box height : 46


Art no. 40-11730

Art no. 40-11720

Art no. 90066660

Art no. 90066657

Art no. 90066659